Freedom of Information Request

Budget spend potholes

Received: 26 March 2021

1. In the last financial year (2019/20) (a) how much money was paid as compensation for property damage and personal injury caused by potholes (please include legal expenses), and (b) how many individual claims did this represent?
2. Please tell me the value of the biggest claim settled in 2019/20, and the location of the pothole that caused the incident. Please provide a brief description of the incident (e.g. cyclist fell off bike going over pothole and broke their leg). If possible, please break up the cost of the claim between compensation paid and legal expenses.
3. How many potholes did you repair in (a) 2018/19 and (b) 2019/20?
4. What was your budget spend on repairing potholes in (a) 2018/19 and (b) 2019/20?
5. Do you have a current estimate for the cost to your authority of repairing an average pothole? If so how much is this estimate?
6. Please provide me with any figure you have for the number of potholes that require repair as of the date of this e-mail, or nearest convenient date.
7. (a) What was your budget for the repair of potholes in the 2020/21 financial year? (b) Please provide me with a current estimate of how much over or under budget you expect to be at the end of the financial year in relation to your spend from your pothole repair budget for 2020/21?

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download