Freedom of Information Request

Parking Consultations and Crossovers Information

Received: 28 March 2021

Please could we request the following information for dropped kerb applications for Greenfield Gardens NW2 over the last 5 years:
- The number of applications made
- The number of applications approved
- The average time taken between an application being made and the kerb being dropped
- Anonymised objections raised for previous and current applications over the past two years

Could we also have the following information:
- The direct contact telephone numbers for both the crossovers team and the parking consultations team (not the general highways telephone number in which the person informs that the departments have no number)
- If Barnet council departments are not contactable by telephone and emails are not replied to, can you please provide details of how to contact the departments and get a reply within a reasonable time frame
- The average time taken for the parking consultations team to reply to an email
- The recommended time by which the parking consultations team should reply to an email (not the auto reply)
- Parking offences in Greenfield Gardens over the past two years and the action taken by the council
- The ombudsman details for the parking consultations department

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download