Freedom of Information Request

Development in West Hendon

Received: 20 April 2021

I would like to know the amount of CIL and Sec.106 money that Barnet has or will receive for the developments that are being built in Rushgrove, Hyde Estate, and Sainsbury's which I believe total 2785 flats. Can you please break this down into the number of square meters and the rate for each as I see there has been recent change to the CIL rates so would like to know how much under each rate. Also how much in terms of cost and what are the developers and Barnet doing to improve local infrastructure as part of the development i.e. not using CIL or Sec.106 but to support so many more people coming, please break this down by project. I see there is 400k earmarked for TFL busses I believe is that annual and for how many years does it run? Also has there been any other money agreed for use of Barnet council other than CIL and Sec. 106 by any of the developers?

Outcome / Documents

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