Freedom of Information Request

Barnet High Street - Peak hour Traffic

Received: 22 April 2021

Dear Team,

Traffic tail back on Barnet High street during peak times are very long and this results in use of additional Cars on road to drop children to school at right time. This is a big problem for parents from Hadley wood / Potters bar side because the frequency of public transport buses are very low and easily results in 30 - 50+ cars running to drop kids to QE boys and girls schools

Can you provide what measures council is taking to ease this situation and to manage traffic and to reduce cars on road

1. Is there a Traffic signal optimisation plan for peak hours in Barnet high street. If yes please provide details of when what was done. If no can you provide details of what action council is going to take to reduce the tailbacks

2. List of traffic improvement plans for high street for current year

3. Is there plan to increase the frequency / change ownership to TFL / supplement additional buses for schools / of bus no 84 which is not TFL run but takes 10+ minutes for a short move from Hadley wood to high street during peak hours resulting in kids running to school or reach late to school and also creates health and safety issues which parents are worried about

4. What other proactive steps council plan to do to ease the peak hour traffic situation


Outcome / Documents

  • Response (some not held) - application/pdf - Download