Freedom of Information Request

LD Housing Support

Received: 27 April 2021

Do you keep a register of the number of adults with learning disabilities in your local authority area? If so, how many adults in your local authority area are (at present) recorded as having learning disabilities?

What support is available for vulnerable adults (including those with learning disabilities) accessing social housing? How does your council support vulnerable adults in the process of finding suitable accommodation?

How many people with learning disabilities in your local authority have been housed outside of their local authority area in the last calendar year? If it doesn't exceed the cost limit, I would also like this information for the last three years please.

How many people on the current waiting list for social housing in your local authority area have a learning disability?

[Mencap define a learning disability as a reduced intellectual ability and difficulty with everyday activities. For example, household tasks, socialising or managing money, which affects someone for their whole life.]

I would like the following information sent back via an email to this address in electronic form. Please can the information be supplied in an excel spreadsheet.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download