Freedom of Information Request

Home Schooling

Received: 1 May 2021

1. What are the requirements for parents home schooling children?

2. What involvement does the LA have (please answer the full extent of involvement and the maximum involvement they are allowed to have, including but not ltd to home contact).

3. Do I have legal rights to decline home visits from the LA?

4. Do the LA have any legal rights to request information and/or to see my child's homeschooling work?

5. Do the LA have any right to force me to put my child into school and if so, under what circumstances?

6. Do the LA have a right to pressure me into following the school curriculum? (Even though the government states this does not need to be done).

7. If I move house to an area under a different LA which LA will I liaise with in regards to homeschooling.

8. If the LA have a right to request home visits or any other requests. What notice do they have to give me?

9. What help can I request from the LA?

10. If available where can I access some teaching resources?

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download