Freedom of Information Request

Elective Home Education Policy Consultation

Received: 8 August 2021

Under the freedom of information Act 2000, please supply the following information:

1. Is the current Barnet 'Home Education Policy Consultation' (HEPC) a consultation as defined in Barnet's document 'How we define consultation and engagement'?
2. Is the HEPC a formal consultation?
3. Aside from home-educating families who have voluntarily identified themselves to Barnet, what stakeholder groups have been identified for the HEPC? Was Tool 1 from Barnet's
'Consultation and Engagement Toolkit' used to identify them? And what means of communication have been or are being used to invite them to participate in the HEPC?
4. What is the timeline for the HEPC and where may this be seen online?
5. Is there a consultation document for the HEPC and if so, where may this be seen online?
6. Will details of the HEPC be published on the Engage Barnet area of the website?
7. At what stage in the development of a policy is the draft checked to Barnet's Policy Style Guide?
8. Has the HEPC been quality assured and signed off by the central Consultation and Research Manager?

Please contact me at the given email address if clarification is required. If not all items can be answered, or answered yet, I should be grateful for a partial response once this information is available.
Thank you

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download