Freedom of Information Request

data concerning car ownership

Received: 31 August 2021

Dear Sirs,

This request is made under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act and Environmental Information Regulations and is submitted on behalf of Friern Barnet & Whetstone Residents' Association.

The request relates to data held by the Council concerning the level of private car ownership at different locations in the Borough.

When considering planning applications for residential development the Council should have regard to applicable planning policies, which currently set maximum levels of car parking provision by reference to various criteria ( which are currently under review as part of the general re-writing of the Borough Plan) and frequently also to parking availability surveys provided by the applicant to demonstrate the extent to which there is unused on-street parking capacity potentially available for use by residents of the proposed development. The planning policies and the survey results define the potentially available supply of parking spaces (on-site and on-street respectively).

1. What data ( and from what sources and of what date) does the Council have available to it and habitually use when considering planning applications to assess the reasonably expected level of car ownership ( and thus the level of demand for parking spaces ) appropriate to the proposed development ?

2. Does such data take account of the general level of car ownership in an area and also public transport accessibility and the number and mix of unit sizes and the level of car ownership associated with such units?

3. Is the data available at both Ward and postcode level? If not, at what levels is it available?

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download