Freedom of Information Request

EV Charging

Received: 15 September 2021

1. Please provide the name of your local authority in full
2. How many public EV charging points are there within your Local Authority area?
3. What is the most common speed of EV charging points within the local authority area? Please select N/A if there are no EV charging points.
4. How many 22kW or above EV charging points are planned for installation within your local authority in the next 12 months
5. How many EV charging providers currently operate within your Local Authority?
6. Do public EV charging points need planning permission in your Local Authority?
7. Does the Local Authority currently operate any public EV charging points?
8. Does the Local Authority have an EV charging point strategy in place?
9. If yes to above, please provide any information about your strategy that you would like to add.
This might include your wider opportunities and challenges, opportunities, EV charging installation targets, renewable energy mixes, speeds, etc. Please note this question is optional
10. How does your Local Authority plan to pay for installing future EV charging points?
Select one answer:
- Local Authority Owned and Operated
- Public/private partnership
- Wholly Third party owned and operated
11. What is the greatest barrier to the deployment of EV charging points?
Select one answer:
- cost
- energy network constraints
- lack of demand
- changes in technology making installations redundant

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download