Freedom of Information Request

Road infrastructure

Received: 28 September 2021

This is a request for information under the FOIA.

Please respond about:

1. Oakleigh Park North and the No right turn from Russell lane.
-A) what is the purpose of this change?
B) how did consultation occur?
C) where is the traffic order?
D) what is the total volume of cyclists using this specific route?
E) how have you monitored the number of cuclists here?
F) where are the cycling count monitors located?

2. Finchley lido and East Finchley Bike lanes &
20 mph.
A) what are you hoping to achieve with this radical changes?
B) how are you measuring the impacts on air quality?
C) what AQ testing Devices are you using to monitor this what date were they installed and where are they located?
D) how are you measuring the total number of cyclists here?
E) how were the total number of cyclists measured before the implementation of these current wide bike lanes?
F) where is the equality impact assessment for these bike lanes?
G) what studies have you conducted or used to understand the effect on emissions when traveling at 20mph and below (when forced to sit an idle)
H) how many accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists occurred in the passed 3 years along this route? Please state locations and dates
I) what protected groups have you involved in consultation and at design phase?
J) how were they consulted and what design elements where included based on the inclusion of protected groups?

3. A) What route would you suggest a key worker in a Motability car who works at Royal free Hampstead to take from Southgate to arrive at work on time and return home again?
B) which traffic officers at LBB have tried and tested such route/a during rush hour?

4. A) How are you monitoring the impacts of the Fox lane LTN which is 600-7000 Metres away from Barnet borough?

B) what are the effects:impacts on Barnet picking up more traffic volume as residents and visitors including those in motability cars carers and emergency services have to divert out of Enfield into Barnet just to get back into Enfield again?
C) how are you monitoring and reporting on those effects?
D) What adjustments have you made to Barnet roads to carry the displaced traffic from Enfield who now have to detour into your borough just to re-enter Enfield borough again?

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download