Freedom of Information Request

129 Hamilton Road - 21/4069/FUL - Sui Generis/Secure Accommodation application

Received: 13 October 2021

Following the submission of updates to the application I request the following further information and clarifications. The request should be directed to Ben Thomas who is listed as the applicant of this scheme.

1. I wish to see emails between the applicant and the planning authority as well as the planning authority's meeting notes related to the decision to change the proposed scheme use class from C2a to Sui Generis.

2. The applicant has referred to legal advice to claim that there is no restriction on blocking off the alleyway (Appendix 1, row 5). I wish to see that advice.

3. The applicant says 'the Met Police who have confirmed the Site's suitability' (Appendix 1, Row 2). I question the veracity of this statement and would like to see where they have said this. I am already aware of PC Steve Downing and PS Craig Martin's letters. To characterise them as 'confirming the site's suitability' is a misrepresentation. I therefore would like to see on what basis the applicant makes this statement.

4. Cllr David Longstaff advised in an email to me that the applicants were initially advised by planners/lawyers that C2a was the appropriate use class. I wish to see that initial advice.

5. I wish to see the legal advice that says that Sui Generis is now the appropriate use class. I am puzzled as to why the use class has been changed now following the initial consultation. I did not see any consultee comments which suggested that the wrong use class had been selected.

I am happy for you to send me the information above which you already have and information which you need to request can follow thereafter.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (some not held) - application/pdf - Download