Freedom of Information Request

Children's Services

Received: 27 October 2021

Under Freedom of information I would like to know the following information.

1. Is there any connection between childhood experiences and future parenting abilities. Can you supply evidence to back up your response.

2. Do professionals like Cafcass, Guardian ad litem, Psychologists etc have access to child social services paperwork prior to doing their assessments? If so what type of information is shared and is this only in child social services vs parents or also in custody disputes?

3. Do child social services share paperwork, even historical with other child social services areas for example from Coventry to South Yorkshire and if so under what circumstances?

4. How often is misinformation passed between different child social services areas and what can the person that misinformation pertains to do about it?

Under the freedom of information act I would like to know the following.

1. What is the council's position on Victim blaming and does the council believe that it is down to the victim to stop their abusive partner from abusing them?

2. How often does child social services get involved with families where at least one parent was known to child social services during their childhood? Can you explain why this happens. Do the percentages change if the parent was once a looked after child?

3. How often is previous family court paperwork used again at a future point against either the original parents in the case or the children in the case?

4. How many times does a parent need to pass a parenting assessment before they are no longer required to take part in a parenting assessment? Is this subjective to new allegations?

If you can not supply exact numbers for the 'how often' questions can you hazard a guess or a percentage or give the council's opinion regarding the questions please.

I would like to know the following information under the freedom of information act.

1. How often does child social services victim blame a domestic abuse victim / survivor?

2. How long do you need to be separated or divorced from a domestic abuse perpetrator before child social services accept that you have nothing to do with your abuser? Accept you are a separate entity.

3. How often do child social services help a domestic abuse victim, how long does it take for them to help and how long does that help continue for?

4. Does the council or child social services believe there is a connection between domestic abuse/ violence and the victim suffering from Stockholm syndrome? Has the council or social services done any studies to prove or disprove this theory?


Under the freedom of information act I would like to know the following information, if you hold it, for a couple of research projects I am working on.

1. What is the burden of proof in child abuse cases? are there any specific guidelines that need to be followed or is this worked on probability of the reporters beliefs?

2. Do child social services follow the same guidelines or process when investigating child abuse when the child is in the care of the local authority as it does when a child is still living with their parent/s?

3. How many complaints have been raised each year since 2010 in regards to Cafcass or other child experts such as psychologists, psychiatrists. This can be either calendar or financial year, whichever you use for statistics.

4. Do child social services do background checks on the experts they use in cases such as criminal convictions, credentials etc.

Please see the full request on the attached document

Outcome / Documents

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