Freedom of Information Request

Councillor resignations and by-election results 4th May 2018 - present day

Received: 15 November 2021

Dear Barnet Council,

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, I would like to request details in relation to councillor resignations and by-election results which have occurred in the London Borough of Barnet from 4th May 2018 to the present day. Specifically, I would like to request the following:

Question 1

A list of every councillor who has resigned from 4th May 2018 to the present day, in your borough. This would include resignations which resulted in a by-election. Please break these down by name of councillor, political party, and ward.

Question 2

A list of every by-election held in your borough and the result - caused specifically by resignations (thus excluding by-elections held as a result of deaths, or councillors being disqualified for breaching the code of conduct, getting convicted, or no longer living/working in the authority area etc.) from 4th May 2018 to this present date.

Please break down these results by name of councillor, political party, and ward.

Anticipating any concerns that disclosing the names of councillors requested would be a breach of the Data Protection Act 2018, it must be noted that information is not automatically exempt just because it is the personal data of someone else as outlined by the ICO Personal information (section 40 and regulation 13). The names of councillors in this case are 'manual unstructured personal data held by public authorities.' Under section 24 of the DPA, this category of personal data is exempt from most of the data protection principles, would not contravene any of the data protection principles, and satisfy one of the UK GDPR Article 6 'lawful bases' - namely, the 'legitimate interests' lawful basis.

I would prefer if this information was sent in XLSX format, but this is not crucial.

If you feel that a substantive response to this request is not possible within a reasonable time frame, or the request is too broad, I would be grateful if you could contact me by telephone and help as to how I could refine the request.

Please send an acknowledgement of receipt of request.

Thank you in advance,

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (some exempt) - application/pdf - Download