Freedom of Information Request

Home Office Immigration Officials

Received: 10 May 2022

To whom it may concern,

I would like to request some information under the FOI act 2000.

A recent report in the Guardian newspaper showed that immigration officers working on behalf of the home office are working within your council/local authority. Here is a link to the story for clarity:

I would like to request the following information about this topic.

How many Home Office immigration officers are embedded within the local authority?
How much has the local authority spent in the last three years on employing these Home Office Immigration Officers?
How many times have these immigration officers your local authority employs referred people to immigration authorities/enforcement?
How many people who have been the subject of safeguarding referrals within your local authority have subsequently been referred onto the immigration authorities/enforcement?
I would like to request this information in a digital format. If you require any further clarification please contact me immediately and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download