Freedom of Information Request

LTN - Consulting Fees

Received: 20 May 2022

Please could you give me the following details regarding third party consulting fees relating to Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) in your local authority, also known as Active Neighbourhoods and Spaces for People.

1.The total amount of funds spent on
2.third party consultancy fees
3.related to all work done on LTNs from the start of 2020 up to and including May 2022. For example, this may include
4.consultation, implementation, monitoring, analysis and any other work.

5.The names of the companies who have undertaken this work for your local authority.

Please could you confirm via email that you have received this request?

If you do not hold this specific information I would be grateful if in line with Section 16 of the Act you could provide me advice and assistance as to what information is relevant to my request regarding the total amount of fees paid to external contractors for their work on LTNs.

I understand that under the FOI Act I should be entitled to a response within 20 working days. If obtaining the information I require is likely to incur a fee, then please warn me about this before proceeding.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download