Freedom of Information Request

Paving in Bedford Avenue

Received: 12 July 2022

Pavement repair query

Can the following issues also be addressed?

1. What was the business case that was approved which allowed the small Newlyn Road to have the pavement replaced and the date of the business case and when the works were carried out.

2. Is the Council involved in any way if residents trip over damaged paving stones and break bones as in this case.

3. May I have the named of the Director responsible for roads and pavements as I would like to carry out a site visit regarding Mays Lane for which I receive many complaints

You may recall that I broke my wrist tripping over one of many damaged paving stones on Bedford Avenue. Newlyn Road is the name of the nearby, largely unused link street that has recently had one side of the pavement completely replaced. I would be grateful if you could investigate this investment when a main pedestrian route way to the tube station remains in an appalling and dangerous state.


Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download