Freedom of Information Request

Planning permission B/03362/14

Received: 20 July 2022

Condition 5 of the approval requires Tesco to provide details to LBB to prevent the access to the car park from Colney Hatch Lane to vehicles other than cars, vans, motor cycles and cycles -and NO other vehicles. LBB is required to approve the details. The measures MUST be in place at all times.

1. Please provide the details of the restriction measures submitted by Tesco and the date they were submitted.

2. Please supply the date that LBB approved the measures scheme and any detail.

3. Please provide information/dates regarding LBB attempts to get Tesco to keep any such measures permanently in place(as per condition 5). Image show lorry entering and no control measures in place.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (some exempt) - application/pdf - Download