Freedom of Information Request

Princes Park Avenue Speed Bumps

Received: 25 July 2022

Under the Freedom of Information Act may I ask who gave the instructions to lower the speed bumps on Princes Park Avenue.

When instructing the road layer to place bumps what procedure is in place for the Council to instruct the road layer ie is it an instruction for a particular height or is it left to the engineer. Also what records are kept to demonstrate what instructions have been given.

PS incidentally I note on the schedule showing heights that was given to me in 2019 it showed 2 lots of measurements for each hump ie going up the road and going down the road and you added the average which was half way between the 2. I am not expert on this system but it would appear on the basis of your averaging that if for example coming down the road was 10mm and going up the road was 100mm that would be ok since average is 55mm. That would effectively mean almost no hump going down. Please let me know whether and where this is shown in the legislation. The picture in the legislation shows an even slope with similar going up and down.
In our case Princes Park Avenue we have a couple of merely 3mm going down which seems perverse as the main problem with that street is the speed going down needs to be curtailed--not up. Please let me know

Request amended on 1 August 2022 to

Who gave the instructions to lower the speed bumps on Princes Park Avenue in 2014/2015

Any information held on instructions given

Outcome / Documents

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