Freedom of Information Request

Tree Felling Information

Received: 4 August 2022

I would like Barnet Council to supply me with the following information regarding "Streets Trees" and all "Trees" that are managed by Barnet Council and fall on property that is either owned or managed by the said borough.

1. Since 1st April 2018 how many trees have been planted by Barnet Council or a contractor working on behalf council?
* What is the breakdown, How many were planted on streets / How many were planted in public open spaces
2. What is the total cost of planting these new trees in reference to question 1.

3. At the last know price point what is the unit cost of planting a street tree? This is to include the tree, planting, and all accessories, separate costs for trees with metal frames protecting the tree, which you normally see on the main road, and trees planted on a residential street with the wire guard.

4. How many trees are Barnet Council aware of that were planted since 1st April 2018 have either died or have been killed due to human interaction?

5. Who is Barnet Council's tree supplier?

5. What is the process and how is the decision made as to what trees are planted and where? How many new trees planted are not native indigenous trees? If not indigenous what is the country of origin?

6. What is the maintenance/upkeep/watering schedule for looking after newly planted trees by Barnet Council, how often are they watered, and the duration that they are directly watered and maintained?

7. What are the future proposals/plans does Barnet Council have regarding the planting of more trees?

8. How many trees have been felled in the London Borough of Barnet since 1st April 2018?
In that time frame
* How many were directly felled by Barnet Council or a Contractor working on their behalf of Barnet Council?
* How Many Trees are Barnet Council aware of that were felled privately?
* How many of the trees felled were healthy?
* How many of the trees were subject to a Tree Protection Orders
* How many trees were felled due to insurance claims and substance, and what insurance companies were involved
* How many trees were felled due to domestic and commercial/industrial developments?
* How many trees are subject to current Tree Protection Orders/
* How many prosecutions have there been regarding the illegal felling of trees in Barnet since 1st April 2018

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download
  • Response (some exempt) - application/pdf - Download