Freedom of Information Request

Performing Animals (Regulation) Act 1925, dogs and cats - FoI request

Received: 22 August 2022

With respect to your local authority's register of performing animals, please tell me:

1) How many a) dogs and b) cats are currently registered under the Performing Animals (Regulation) Act 1925 in your area to be trained and/or exhibited for performance?

2) Please can you provide a sample of the types of performances in which some of the registered dogs and cats are engaged?

NOTE: For question 2, I am looking for a flavour of the range of performance types. I appreciate there could be a lot of animals registered with many different performance details, so to avoid running into a Section 12 cost exemption, could you please give me the performance details from just the FIVE most recently approved applications?

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download