Freedom of Information Request

Crossover 4 Coppice Walk

Received: 11 November 2022

We note you have made a request for recorded information held by the council and will respond in accordance with Freedom of Information process.
Questions for FOI

1. Was the crossover outside 4 Coppice Walk widened legitimately or illegally?

2. What is happening with regards to the crossover now? Is it being re-installed or returned to the original width that was perfectly adequate before it was extended? I maintain that the crossover was only widened to deter people from parking there as the space is now very restricted

3. If it is being extended by Barnet Council, who is paying for the work to be carried out?

4. If the crossover was widened illegally, do you maintain that PCN's that were issued for any vehicles that crossed the threshold of the (alleged) illegally widened crossover will be upheld or do you agree that these should be reviewed or reimbursed in the knowledge that you are now in the possession of but were unaware of at the time?

8. Do you think it is fair to suggest that sending several emails (when they have either been ignored or left unanswered - sometimes for weeks on end) constitutes some kind of harassment as you have intimated or do you actually think it is reasonable for someone being completely ignored to send follow up emails to establish why the others have been ignored? Please demonstrate where I have done anything wrong with regard to this because I strenuously deny it has happened. - This is a request for an opinion and the information is not held

7. Do you think it is acceptable that the 'crossovers' department did not respond to any of my emails? I can of course prove this.

5. Are you happy that Barnet Council has (now) knowingly profited from at least one PCN that was potentially issued on an (alleged) illegally widened crossover?

9. Are you happy with the general level of service Barnet Council provides with regards to residents making enquiries? Do you honestly think your representatives are well informed or well placed to deal with any enquiries? I have found them all to be utterly useless and they seem to demonstrate a really negative attitude to customer care and seem to treat people with contempt

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (some not held) - application/pdf - Download