Freedom of Information Request

Single person and lone parent households paying 100% council tax.

Received: 3 March 2023

I would like to make the following freedom of information request:-

1. How many households are there in Barnet.
2. How many of these are Single person households.
3. How many are Lone parent households.
4. How many single person households are there according to the electoral roll (if this is different to 2&3).
5. How many of the total single person and lone parent households are currently paying full/100% council tax, while only listing a single voter on the electoral roll.
6. How many single person and lone parent households are receiving a discount.
7. Please list & split number 6 by discount type - without double counting.
i.e. So if there are 200 households receiving at least one discount, the 200 should be listed/itemised as follows:-

Single person discount only:- 127
Single person discount AND Old person discount:- 44
Single person discount AND Old person discount AND Disabled discount:- 29
etc. etc. for each type of discount and discount combination. So that all discount combinations add up to the original 200 receiving at least 1 discount.
(Rather than listing a total number for each discount type that would likely give a number higher than 200 because of people eligible and receiving more than one type of discount.

Thankyou in advance.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (some not held) - application/pdf - Download