Freedom of Information Request

Data and Storage information request

Received: 27 February 2023

SECTION A: Data maturity and whether it is positioned as IT or strategic business imperatives
We want to understand how mature public sector thinking is around data and whether it is still seen as an IT imperative or business strategy. Including which areas are being developed / being established.
1. Do you have a policy/strategy on how you use your data? (Outside of data protection and data privacy covered under general legislation)
2. (If yes) What considerations are included in your data policy/strategy?
3. Do you have a dedicated resource aligned to your data initiatives (excluding data protection)?
4. Do you have these roles within your organisation?
5. Do you outsource these roles?
6. Who is responsible for setting your data strategy? (Understanding how senior the ownership is within the organisation)

SECTION B: Understanding of location of data
Understanding the maturity of data storage - level of hybrid consideration. Also what considerations are made from where and why data should be stored
7. What percentage of your data is stored:
8. What percentage of your data is stored:
9. Post brexit will your organisation store more data in the UK or less data in the UK?
10. When developing your data storage strategies what are your main considerations?
11. What is the maximum period you would hold data for? (If there are varying period for different types of data, please provide more information)
(free text)
12. What is the process for identifying obsolete data in your organisation?
(free text)

SECTION C: Using data
How embedded data is into decision making, level of maturity. Is data still seen as IT or wider business strategy? How much value is currently being derived from data?
13. How mature is your architecture in managing your data end-to-end, from ingestion / generation to final consumption? (**Need a descriptor to define mature)
14. At what level does data add value to your organisation?
15. What level of analytics methodologies do you master and support?
16. How far does your analytics architecture span across your organization?
17. What are the biggest obstacles in your organization to creating value from data and implementing a data-centric strategy?

SECTION D: Open Data/Data Transparency
18. Do you have a policy for open data or transparency data
19. Do you outsource your open data service?
22. Do you have definitive protocols for managing your data in terms of… (select all that apply)
a) Lineage
b) Provenance
c) Heritage d) Not sure

Outcome / Documents

  • FOI Request - Data and Storage request 240323 - application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet - Download
  • Response (some not held) - application/pdf - Download