Holiday allowance

Were you planning annual leave?

News about your leave allowance 

Many staff have had to rearrange planned annual leave as it will not possible to take, due to the need to remain available to provide critical services and support the COVID-19 response effort. 

In these cases, staff will now be able to carry forward their leave entitlement (over and above the 5 days that is normally allowed).  However, you should ensure that you have taken at least 20 days over the last year. 

If you do need to carry over leave, please ensure that you let your manager know who will need to confirm the carry over to HR Payroll in Belfast at:

Our partners at Capita in Belfast are continuing to provide an uninterrupted HR and Payroll service, although the majority of staff are working from home. 

However, please can you ensure that any documents or other paperwork are either scanned or photographed and then sent by email.  Hard copies of documents cannot currently be processed.

New COVID-19 absence code

The Payroll team has created a new absence code to use on CoreHR to record any absences relating to Coronavirus. This includes staff who are absent and unable to work.

This is only for cases where staff are absent and unable to work. If they are self-isolating and able to work, this should not be recorded as an absence. The new code can be found in the drop downs in CoreHR on the absence screens. Managers need to choose the sick leave option. Once you have chosen sick leave, click 'next' and you need to choose COVID-19 related from the drop down options.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact: who will be able to help.

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