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News for key workers 

For those of you who have children of school age, the government has now issued its list of key workers. Children of key workers will continue to be eligible to attend state school.

While local authorities have been identified as being a critical part of the country’s response to tackling COVID-19, not everyone who works for the council is eligible.

Who qualifies as a key worker?

Please find below the full list of who has been deemed a key worker for Barnet:

Key Workers

  • Frontline Social Care staff
  • Essential Operational Staff (e.g. waste collection, cleaners, contact centres)
  • Critical to Health and Safety (e.g. environmental health, essential housing repairs, community safety, regulatory services)
  • Covid19 response (Public Health, Business Continuity, Emergency Response, support staff liaison with schools, adults/health, facilities management, volunteers etc)


Examples of specific roles:

  • Social workers (and Social Work Managers)
  • Social Care workers (not qualified social workers but those who support service users directly)
  • Teachers
  • Education professionals
  • Staff in Children’s Centres, Nurseries and Schools including those offering support those with EHCP
  • Foster carers
  • Adult and Children Residential Care Workers and support staff
  • Domiciliary care workers
  • Youth Offending Practitioners
  • Emergency Planning, Emergency Responders, Business Continuity Staff
  • Covid 19 Response Staff
  • Lawyers (child protection, adult social care and corporate legal advice)
  • Community Safety staff
  • Early Help practitioners
  • Contact Centre workers
  • Clinical Practitioners/Primary Mental Health Workers
  • Housing staff
  • Interpreters
  • Court staff
  • Appropriate adult services
  • Benefit and welfare staff and advisors
  • Cleaners
  • Security
  • Refuse and Street Cleansing staff
  • Cemetery and Crematorium workers
  • Registrars
  • Communications, Community Engagement and Voluntary Sector Engagement Staff
  • Passenger Transport Drivers & Passenger Assistants
  • Vehicle Maintenance workshop
  • Greenspaces Service Manger
  • Trees & Woodlands Manager (dangerous trees)
  • Play Equipment Inspectors (if parks are kept open)
  • Essential Parking Operations Staff
  • Essential Highways and Street Lighting staff
  • Environmental Health Officers including Housing
  • Building control inspectors (dangerous structures)

This list is not exhaustive. If you require any guidance or further clarification please contact your line manager.


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