Hendon Coat of Arms

Hendon became a municipal borough with its own mayor in 1932 and included Mill Hill, Burnt Oak and Edgware. This allowed the borough to have its own 'armorial bearings', or coat of arms.

The coat of arms has various elements that represent Hendon. The two mythical animals are called supporters. The Griffin on the left-hand side represents the Powis family, who were lords of Hendon Manor.

The Pegasus represents the Duke of Buckingham and Chandos, who owned land in Hendon and Edgware. They support a shield which represents the three districts of Hendon. The top has two windmill blades, for Mill Hill.

The middle has a lamb carrying a St. George's Flag, which is seen on St. Mary's Church Hendon. This represents Hendon Central. The lamb stands on a hill, which represents Child's Hill. Above the helmet is a propellor supported by wings. This represents Hendon Aerodrome. The motto 'Endeavour' means to try hard to get things done.

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