Construction licences

Who needs a construction (building / highways) licence

Wherever there are building works that use or infringe the public highway. For example:

  • buildings with scaffold on the footpath
  • cranes working on the public highway require a licence
  • site hoarding fencing that is erect within 1 metre of the footway
  • building materials being stored on the highway
  • HGV vehicles crossing the footway to enter a site.

Licence cost

  • Scaffolding Licence application fee £185.53
  • Hoarding  Licence application fee £185.53
  • Building Material  Licence application fee £185.53
  • Cranes Licence application fee £185.53
  • Habitual Licence application fee £185.53
  • Portacabins Licence application fee £185.53

Once the application is accepted, you will be sent a quote for the deposit based on a site visit from a Highways Officer. This will be a minimum of £564.78.

Who is responsible for making a licence application

We accept applications from builders on behalf of the landowner. However, the landowner is ultimately responsible for making sure licences are in place.

Inspection timescale

We aim to inspect your site within 48 hours of your request. After this inspection, you can return your completed form along with your licence fee and deposit. We will aim to issue your licence within three to four working days

Refunding your deposit

Once the works have been completed, please contact us to request the refund of your deposit. We will carry out a final inspection and, providing no damage has been done to the footway or carriageway, we will refund your deposit within 14 working days.

How to apply

Download the guidance notes and the application form:

To make an application for this licence, please email

Initial stage

Once you have made an application, the forms will be emailed to you and a site inspection will be carried out. We will contact you and go through any conditions that you may need to meet during the course of the works and the amount of deposit we require from you.

Building materials licences

If you need to use any part of the public highway or footway for the storage of building materials then you must get a licence from the council. To make an application for this licence, download the guidance notes and application form above and email

Scaffolding and hoarding licences

If you need to use any part of the public footway to erect a scaffold or hoarding then a licence must be obtained from the council. To apply for a licence, download the guidance notes and application form and email

Licence - crane indemnity

Download the guidance notes and application form above.

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