Barnet Council gets ready for the leaf fall this autumn


The Barnet Council Street Scene service has put together specialist teams to clear leaves across the borough this autumn and winter.

Leaf fall in a park

Leaf fall in a park

This represents a considerable challenge in Barnet, a borough with over 30,000 street trees. The annual leaf fall can be unpredictable due to weather and varying leaf fall times depending on tree species.

The council is preparing for a sustained effort over a number of weeks to clear leaves from footways and highways during autumn and winter.

From Monday 2 November Barnet’s Street Scene service will be deploying teams specifically focussed on clearing leaves from streets and public spaces in the borough. This will focus initially on high footfall locations and transport hubs with the clearance of residential roads taking place after the bulk of the leaves have fallen.

Teams will be clearing leaves through manual sweeping as well as removal through mechanical street sweepers and industrial vacuums. This work will continue until January 2021.

Councillor Dean Cohen, Chairman of the council’s Environment Committee said “Barnet is a green Borough with a large number of trees in our streets, parks and open spaces.  The trees help make Barnet an attractive place to live and visit but they do produce a high volume of leaf fall each autumn.  The council’s dedicated leaf clearance programme is an important part of our overall effort to keep the streets and environment in Barnet clean and safe for residents and visitors”.

Residents and businesses in the borough can assist us in our efforts by not sweeping leaves from frontages, driveways and gardens on to the footway but collecting these for home composting where possible or putting them in green garden waste bins if they have subscribed to this service:

If you feel the leaves on your road require immediate attention please let us know. Please do however be reassured that all roads will be cleared during this period.

Thank you for your ongoing support in helping to keep Barnet clean and green #cleanerbarnet

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