Barnet Council’s new credit and debit parking machines make motorists’ lives easier

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Barnet Council is making parking easier by installing pay and display machines that use credit and debit cards.


The first of the new 16 parking payment terminals are currently being installed and more will follow in February in the local town centres.

To pay for parking, motorists insert their credit or debit card and choose the amount needed, based on how long they want to stay.

Councillor Dean Cohen, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said:

“This initiative is part of our ongoing commitment to supporting local businesses and the public on our high streets, offering them further choice for easier parking. 

“We have listened to the public and traders who felt pay and display would help those that do not have access to a mobile phone, smartphone or the widely available Scratchcards.

“This new method complements our other methods of payment, and the new machines will make it easier for motorists, shoppers and traders, who won’t need to search for cash.”

The first machine to be installed is in Lodge Lane carpark in North Finchley, and the rest will roll out next month. 

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