Celebrating the people who make Barnet: Inass Ibrahim


Celebrating the people who together make Barnet

Inass Ibrahim

Inass Ibrahim

Celebrating the people who together make Barnet.

Together, we are Barnet will highlight some of our many groups, sports teams and local projects, as well as individuals, who contribute so much to our community.

This week we're focusing on Inass Ibrahim, founder of Burnt Oak Women's Group. 

“When I first moved to Burnt Oak, I quickly realised how culturally diverse the place is. I was new and I wanted to meet people. My friends are eclectic – every race, religion, and background. I wanted a space to get together that welcomed all, so I decided to create one myself.

“I think when it comes down to it, we’re pretty much all the same. We live in the same area, we all go through the same difficulties. We’re all in it together. This group gets people talking and soon they find out that they have things in common."

Find out more about Inass and how to get involved with our Together, we are Barnet campaign.