Coronavirus outbreak: Statement from our Leader, Cllr Dan Thomas


The UK has moved from the containment stage of dealing with COVID-19 (the coronavirus) to the delay stage. This means that we are trying to slow the spread in the country. The aim of delaying is to lower the impact the coronavirus will have and to push it away from the winter season.

Councillor Dan Thomas Leader of Barnet Council

Councillor Dan Thomas Leader of Barnet Council

The slower the illness spreads, the more prepared all of our services can be.

Information about what can be done can be found at and, and you can find the symptom checker at:

Handwashing and avoiding touching your face are two ways that the rate of infection can be significantly slowed.

If you have a cough or fever, you are being asked to self-isolate for 7 days.

Barnet Council is in constant communication with the government, the NHS and Public Health England, and we are scaling up our preparedness to support local communities and keep services running.

It is important to be careful, but not to panic. 80% of those who catch the coronavirus experience only a minor illness, but we must all play a role to protect those most at risk; the vulnerable and the elderly.

Take care,

Cllr Dan Thomas