Crowdfund Barnet offers help during COVID-19 crisis


We have been inspired by the community response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, with so many people pulling together to help each other in these uncertain times.

Crowdfund Barnet is back

Crowdfund Barnet is back

Crowdfunding offers a way to raise funds rapidly by connecting people with local causes. Anyone can back a campaign with as little as £2 and can do so safely online.

If you have a project idea that enables people to take a more active role in supporting their local area, and develops resilience within Barnet’s communities, Crowdfund Barnet offers a way to attain the funding you need to make it happen.

In order to support organisations during this difficult time some changes have been made to how the Crowdfund Barnet programme operates, enabling groups to raise funds rapidly.

Changes to the programme:

  • While Crowdfund Barnet normally operates funding rounds with specific deadlines, projects responding to the crisis can come forward at any time until further notice, pitching to the Crowdfund Barnet Fund on a rolling basis.
  • The criteria of the programme have been loosened so that organisations that respond to, or are impacted by the crisis, can raise funds for essential supplies e.g. food supplies, or other running costs for a community asset.
  • Barnet Council recognises that campaigns may need to hit the targets as soon as possible in this time of crisis, and will therefore endeavour to assess projects that pitch to the fund quickly.

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