Dangerous drivers targeted by Barnet Council

Author: Pawan Dhande


Barnet Council has approved plans to extend Moving Traffic Contraventions enforcement to 14 additional sites in the borough where traffic restrictions exist. The council will also be introducing more schools into the programme throughout 2017.

The plans form part of the council’s Parking Policy, implemented in January 2015, to make Barnet’s roads safer, keep traffic moving and reduce air pollution. The new locations follow the success of recent enforcement actions which has seen a two-thirds increase in the number of people complying with parking regulations around schools.

From April 2016, the council has been using CCTV traffic enforcement to monitor nearly 60 locations in a bid to improve road safety. The latest roll-out includes tackling areas where offenders ignore no entry signs, park on school zigzags, block yellow box junctions or exceed weight or width restrictions.

Barnet forms part of the transport network into and out of central London, with a number of significant roads running through the borough including the M1, M25 and A406.

Councillor Dean Cohen, Chairman of the Environment Committee, said: “Protecting children is one of our biggest priorities, and ensuring the roads around schools are kept safe is absolutely vital to achieving that. Already, we’ve seen an improvement in people’s driving habits with the number of motorists complying by not parking on yellow zig zags around schools increase by 67%.

“Increasing the number of sites allows us to target specific areas where we know there is a particular problem around road safety and congestion, and then move on once people start complying with the law.

“By improving road safety, traffic congestion and air pollution in this way we know we are making a real impact on residents’ lives.”

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