Deep cleansing starts in Barnet

Author: Pawan Dhande


Barnet’s street cleansing teams have begun their deep clean of the borough’s streets and roads.

The cleansing action, which commenced in High Barnet this week, marks the start of a 13-week programme across all of the borough’s wards.

Cleaning operatives from Barnet Council’s Street Scene service, will use a range of equipment including mechanical road sweepers to bring all streets to a high level of cleanliness. Residents can expect a visit from one of Street Scene’s teams who will be removing litter, weeds and detritus.

Councillor Brian Salinger, Vice-Chairman of Environment Committee, said: “Cleanliness is something that we know is extremely important to our residents, and I’m pleased that our deep clean will continue to make Barnet an area that everybody is proud to live in.

Under our new plans, residents will see deep cleans taking part at different times of the year and a much more targeted approach to street cleansing for the rest of the time.”

The deep cleanse, part of the council’s Keep Barnet Clean campaign, will take place on the borough’s residential roads over the next three months.

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