Garden waste consultation launched by council


Barnet Council is seeking residents’ opinions on the introduction of a paid-for garden waste collection service.

Garden waste consultation

Garden waste consultation

Barnet Council provides a collection of green garden waste bins, where garden waste is collected on a fortnightly basis. Currently, residents of Barnet can opt-in to have their green bins collected where no direct charge is made to users for the costs of providing this service.

The council needs to ensure that it balances its budget, and over the next five years environmental services within the council need to save £15.1million. It is not statutory for councils to provide a collection of garden waste without charge. Implementing a charge for garden waste in Barnet has the potential to deliver savings of up to £700,000 a year and many councils are already charging their residents to use this service.

If savings can’t be made to the garden waste collection service, they may need to be made elsewhere – which would mean other services may need to be reduced.

Councillor Dean Cohen, Chair of the Environment Committee, said: “We are facing unprecedented challenges to how we continue to deliver vital local services with a substantially reduced budget. Though we have to make savings, we’re keen to do this in the fairest way possible. That’s why we want residents to tell us what they think our proposal for a new garden waste charge.”

The council is asking Barnet residents to take part in a consultation on the proposal which is open until Friday 22 November at

If you require a paper copy you can pick one up in your local Barnet library and return it to Street Scene, London Borough of Barnet, 2 Bristol Avenue, London, NW9 4EW.

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