International Youth Day: Youth Engagement for Global Action


Every year, the United Nations host International Youth Day, a campaign to draw attention to the cultural and legal issues surrounding youth. This year’s theme is “Youth Engagement for Global Action”, with the aim of shedding light on the need for youth engagement to make local, national and global institutions more inclusive in order to strengthen their capacity and relevance.

Tani, Dara, Mally and Priscilla

Tani, Dara, Mally and Priscilla

Globally, the topic of racism came to the forefront of mainstream media as well as social and political conversations, following the death of George Floyd and the subsequent protests. We wanted to get youth perspectives on race relations in the UK and the tangible steps they believe would result in long-term change.

Four articulate young women volunteered to share their thoughts on the topic including Priscilla, who wrote a beautiful poem which you can watch below. We’ll be posting more powerful video messages throughout the day, from teenagers Tani, Dara and Mally on our new @BarnetYouth_ Instagram page.

*The views here are those of young people and don’t necessarily represent the views of Barnet Council*

Please join us in the conversation by following and tagging @BarnetYouth_ on Instagram and by using the hashtags #YouthDay and #Youth4GlobalAction

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International Youth Day 2020

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