Job opportunity: Share your life and make a difference


share your life

share your life

There are vulnerable adults in your community that need a loving home and a helping hand. If you have a spare room, the Council has a rewarding opportunity for you. You’ll earn a generous allowance, starting from £400 a week, while you enrich the life of someone in need.

The Council is recruiting Shared Lives Carers. A Shared Lives Carer shares their home and family life with someone who needs support to improve their standard of living. The great news is that you if you can still maintain your home-based job, if you have one, while you earn extra income and welcome a special addition to your family!

People visiting or moving in with Shared Lives Carers are members of the community who need a little extra help to fulfil the everyday experiences we often take for granted; the simple things such as getting dressed in the morning, going to doctors’ appointments, cooking, or even voting for their favourite contestants on reality TV shows. They may have been in foster care, have a learning or physical disability, or be an older person with a frailty or dementia.

You don’t need any formal qualifications or experience to apply. Chat to one of the Shared Lives friendly advisors and they’ll answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Find out more today. Email, call 0208 3593576 or visit

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