A thank you to Barnet’s volunteers from the Mayor


The Worshipful Mayor of Barnet, Cllr Caroline Stock, has recorded a thank you message to all of Barnet’s volunteers for lending their support both during the current COVID-19 crisis and throughout the year. Watch her video below.

Thank you to all our volunteers, from the Worshipful Mayor of Barnet, Cllr Caroline Stock

Thank you to all our volunteers, from the Worshipful Mayor of Barnet, Cllr Caroline Stock

At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Barnet Council and Volunteering Barnet, part of the Barnet Together partnership, set up Barnet’s Community Response Volunteer platform to help voluntary groups recruit volunteers, enable residents to volunteer safely and help Barnet residents and communities to work together and support each other during the COVID-19 crisis.

Volunteers working for the Barnet Essential Supplies Hub – working through our Community Help Hub – have helped deliver packages to 8,000 residents in need, in addition to 150 larger consignments to food banks and charities.

Hundreds of Barnet residents have registered to offer their time and skills since the platform was launched in March. The collective approach to volunteer recruitment has ensured that the help and support of Barnet’s volunteers is going directly to voluntary and community organisations who are working to support those affected by the crisis, including residents who are self-isolating.

Working with the Barnet Together partnership, the platform advertises voluntary opportunities available throughout the borough and quickly matches volunteers’ skills with available roles to ensure the need of the community is met swiftly and safeguarding requirements are adhered to.

The Mayor’s message recognises the current situation as being a particularly crucial time for our volunteers, who are working tirelessly among their communities to bring connection, friendship and essential support to those who need it most:

“Volunteers’ Week this year feels particularly poignant as we have seen so many of our family members, friends, neighbours and colleagues come together as a community and generously give their time to support each other.

During my time as Mayor, I have been lucky enough to see how prevalent the voluntary spirit is in Barnet. And it is often in hard times that we are reminded just how essential our volunteers are in keeping us supported, connected and cared for. I’ve met incredible people doing incredible things – not only during the immediate crisis we are facing, but throughout the year also.

It has been particularly humbling to see the humanitarian spirit thriving in Barnet in recent weeks and months and I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you who generously give your time and energy to support our community. Thank you.”

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