They’ve had the COVID-19 vaccine, will you?


The COVID-19 vaccine is the most effective weapon that we have in our fight against the pandemic and will help us to gradually return to our normal lives.

Adjoa has had the vaccine, will you?

Adjoa has had the vaccine, will you?

Barnet Council has today launched the ‘They’ve had the COVID-19 vaccine, will you?’ campaign which features three faces from different Barnet communities who have had the vaccine.

The campaign aims to reassure people from all communities that the vaccine is safe and effective and to encourage them to get the jab as soon as they are eligible to do so.

It also highlights the importance of sharing your experience of having the vaccine with friends and family. People are more likely to have the vaccine if someone that they trust has already had it.

To check if you are in one of the eligible groups and to book your COVID-19 vaccine appointment, visit or call 119.

If you are not yet eligible to get vaccinated, please wait for your invitation and continue to share information about it from credible sources such as the NHS or council websites.


Dr Julie George, Deputy Director of Public Health in Barnet, said: “Getting vaccinated is vital to keeping our communities safe from COVID-19. As with the rest of the UK, there has been a big reduction in the number of people being admitted to hospital and dying from COVID-19 since the vaccine rollout, and we must continue to ensure that everyone is protected.

“If you are eligible for the vaccine, please get it and let friends and family know once you’ve had it, so that they are encouraged to do the same and keep our whole community safe.

“Please remember Hands, Face, Space and fresh air, even after you get the vaccine.”

‘They’ve had the COVID-19 vaccine, will you?’