Water outage in Barnet

Author: Pawan Dhande


Affinity Water has provided the latest update following an outage affecting some Barnet residents.

Water technicians are working to restore service to the EN4 area following outages caused by a faulty valve at Arkley reservoir. For updates, visit the Affinity Water website at or call 0345 357 2407.

UPDATE - 2000, 21 February

Affinity Water report that the majority of customers should now have water, however this may be at lower pressure than normal, especially at peak demand periods.

There may be problems with combination boilers that require at least 1Bar water pressure to operate. Problems could occur when the pressure is low or there is no water. Affinity Water's website suggests:

  • Do not take water from the taps and all taps are turned off.
  • Do not use washing machines, dishwashers or showers until you are advised that your supply is back on.
  • Do not drain hot water tanks and cisterns, to avoid airlocks when the supply is restored.
  • If you have a water softener fitted to your water system, bypass the regeneration while your water is turned off - consult your softener manual for detailed instructions.
  • Most domestic appliances have an auto shut off valve. However, to be certain do not use your electrical appliances during periods of interruption.
  • Your central heating should not be affected


UPDATE - 1400, 21 February

Affinity Water have advised the following: "We have brought in water from other areas and most of our customers currently have water, though water supplies may still be at a lower pressure than normal, especially during peak demand periods.

Our technicians are making regular adjustments to the network to provide supplies to our customers.

We are providing bottled water to vulnerable customers on our safeguard register and have made arrangements for local collection points for affected customers in the area."


The disruption started at about 1.30pm yesterday (20 February). East Barnet School has also had to close.

Free bottled water can be collected from:

  • Tesco Express, 186 East Barnet Road, EN4 8QX
  • The Jester, Grove Road, EN4 9HG
  • The lay by at Oakhill Park, at the junction of Church Hill Road and Parkside Gardens, EN4 8PP
  • Chickenshed Theatre, Chase Side, N14 4PE

Barnet Council has activated contingency plans to ensure elderly and vulnerable residents within the borough are given extra support. Neighbours and relatives are also asked to check in on those that may be affected.

An Affinity Water spokesperson said: "We have continued our work to bring water in from other areas to supply as many customers as possible. Our technicians are making continuous adjustments to the network to restore supplies to customers who may be affected."

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