What you can do this Recycle Week

Author: Brendan Steinhardt


Recycle Week has arrived and Recycle for London is telling the story of what everyday waste can be turned in to, showing residents how easy it is to make a positive difference.

To demonstrate how household waste can be turned in to useful new products or energy to power the community there are new insights into how your recycling is turned into something new:
  • Recycling 20 plastic drinks bottles could make a football shirt for your favourite football club
  • Recycled aerosol cans help create new mobile phones
  • Recycled cleaning product bottles get turned into an outdoor children’s playset
  • One year’s worth of a London borough’s domestic food waste could generate enough electricity to power a local primary school for over 10 years.
To transform recycled materials into something new, a variety of processes are used. These can include grinding plastic materials into pellets, which are heated to make a polyester thread for clothing; or converting food waste into energy at anaerobic digestion centres.

Councillor Dean Cohen, Chairman of the Environment Committee, said: “There are a number of items around the home which can be recycled rather than being thrown out as waste. Taking the time to separate these items plays a major role into making the borough we live in more sustainable and environmentally friendly.”

Ali Moore, Campaign Manager at Recycle for London, said: “When it comes to recycling, what goes around really does come around. Recycling just a few more items from around the home can make a real difference, and we want to show Londoners all the great outcomes of their recycling efforts. It’s easy to make recycling part of your routine – just putting a recycling bag or bin in your bathroom or bedroom can help make it become second nature.”

The many ways in which recycling is worth the effort are shown in a series of new animations produced for Recycle Week, which you can watch here.

Remember to keep recycling! For more information about recycling in Barnet visit here.

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