Our neighbourhoods

The way people feel about where they live impacts on their quality of life. We know that Barnet’s neighbourhoods are important to you, and we’ll continue to focus on the things that make the biggest difference to where you live.

To do this we plan to work with you to see how we can share responsibility for keeping Barnet’s neighbourhoods, including our treasured parks and green spaces, cared for. For our part, we will continue keeping the streets clean and safe; helping you to recycle more; and investing in looking after the roads and pavements.

What you can do is get involved in shaping your neighbourhoods and the services you receive. ‘Adopt a Place’, for instance, provides volunteers and community groups with support, materials, and tools to maintain a local feature, a green space, or a whole street. A group of passionate, ambitious and committed residents have already chosen to share responsibility for transforming Childs Hill Park. Find out about their plans for the future in October’s issue of BarnetFirst.

For more information on how you can do your bit in helping us to recycle and save money by sending less waste for disposal this Christmas, see the December issue of Barnet First magazine.

For your collection dates over the festive period, visit:

We will be gritting priority roads throughout the winter season and we are also offering residents the opportunity to share the responsibility by gritting other roads not within our priority network.

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