Suspend a parking bay

Parking places can be suspended in certain circumstances, for example, during:

  • removals
  • building works
  • utility works
  • special events

Suspending a parking place stops people from parking in it if you need to park a specific vehicle to carry out a removal.

If you request a parking suspension for the purpose of building works, vehicles may only park in the suspension parking place. We can’t suspend a bay with a waiting restriction.

Suspensions only apply during the operational hours of the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) so please check the parking signs at the location you require before applying online.  You can also view parking restrictions by searching the map at the Traffweb website.

If you require a suspension outside of the operational hours, or require a suspension of waiting restrictions, you will need to contact the street works team to request a Temporary Traffic Order

We can’t guarantee that people will not park illegally in a suspended bay, but if they do they’ll get a penalty charge notice and in urgent circumstances the vehicle may be relocated. The council can’t clamp a vehicle.  If you wish to report a vehicle parked in contravention in a suspended bay you can phone our 24-hour enforcement line on 0203 856 0020

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