Religious, or community, parking permits

Annual community permits are available to ministers of religion, acting in a full-time capacity and based at a place of worship that is either certified under the Places of Worship Registration Act 1855 or belongs to the Church of England.

Other places of worship outside the borough that serve a significant number of borough residents, and otherwise meet the requirements, may also be granted a permit at the discretion of the Director of Environment, Planning and Regeneration.

Up to three vehicle specific permits may be issued for each place of worship. Each vehicle must be one of the following:

  • a passenger vehicle constructed, or adapted, to carry not more than 12 passengers
  • a motor caravan not exceeding 3.5 tonnes (3.05 tonnes unladen)
  • a car-derived van

How to apply or renew your religious, or community permit

To apply for a religious, or community permit you will need:

  • Your proof of vehicle ownership (V5 logbook or your insurance schedule)
  • A letter briefly detailing the nature of your religious / faith duties within the community and the second signatory from the religion/faith supporting the application.

Apply or renew online

Apply or renew by post

Download, print, complete and return the application form 

Please send your completed form to:

London Borough of Barnet Parking Permits
PO Box 49065
London N11 1UZ 

If applying online please attach the documents to support your permit application during the application process. There is a 20MB limit per file.

If applying by post please send copies of documents and not originals. We do not have a public counter. Further details on documents and proofs required.

Please allow 1 working day after submitting your application before calling the Parking team to make payment and progress your application.

Religious parking permits costs

  • Religious permit 1st vehicle: £40
  • Religious permit 2nd vehicle: £70
  • Religious permit 3rd vehicle: £70

Changing permit details 

We offer a number of online services to change permit details including:

  • Change permit vehicle
  • Request change of permit address
  • Change permit contact details

Change your permit details

Conditions of use

  1. Any application received for a religious/faith permit must be supported by a second signatory from the religion/faith supporting the application. This may be in the form of a letter to the Council.
  2. The permit only allows you to park in a 'Resident Permit Holders Only' or 'Permit Holders Only' parking place during the controlled hours.
  3. The permit does not allow you to park in 'Pay and Display' bays, business bays, on yellow lines, on the footway, red route or any other parking restriction.
  4. The issue of a religious/faith permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space nor does it render the Council subject to any liability in respect of loss or damage to the vehicle in a parking place or contents or fittings in the vehicle.
  5. The permit must be displayed on the front windscreen of the vehicle so that the details are clearly visible from outside the vehicle.
  6. Parking places may be suspended by any person duly authorised by the council or police. A religious/faith permit is not valid in a parking place where signs indicate it is suspended.
    It is prohibited to use a vehicle in a parking place in connection with the sale or offering or exposing for sale of goods.
    The maximum number of religious/faith permits which shall be issued to a place of worship within a street or part of a street at any one time shall be three
  7. The address of the place of worship does not have to be located within the borough of Barnet; however the religious/faith duties being carried out must be within the borough of Barnet.
  8. If a religion/faith is not able to supply an address for a place of worship, an application will still be considered by the Director of Environment and Operations after consultation with the Multi Faith Forum.
  9. If a permit is lost or destroyed the Council may replace the permit once an administration charge has been paid. The replacement permit will display the same expiry date as the previous permit.
    If the permit is no longer required the Council may arrange a refund for the remaining number of full months once the original permit is returned to our office. The refund is calculated from the date the permit is received.
  10. The Council may revoke the permit if it is believed that the permit is being misused. Permits can only be used in conjunction with carrying out religious/faith duties and the Council will investigate allegations of misuse and has a right to revoke a permit if there is evidence that the permit is being misused.
  11. The Council reserves the right to withdraw the religious/faith permit scheme and may do so without notice. In the event that the scheme as a whole being withdrawn, the Council may request any permits issued under it to be returned for cancellation, or may allow them to be used until the expiry date. The decision will be at the sole discretion of the Council.

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