Saracens permits and vouchers

Renew a Saracens CPZ permit online

To renew an existing Saracens permit you will need:

  • Your vehicle registration number
  • Credit or debit card (non American Express)

Please note that we may ask you to provide address evidence or your V5 Logbook at a later date for fraud and audit purposes.

Renew a Saracens CPZ permit

Saracens CPZ permits: apply online

Barnet Council has introduced electronic permits and a new pricing structure based on car emissions. 

Apply for your Saracens CPZ permit online.

Permanent residents and businesses in the Saracens’ controlled parking zone (CPZ) can get a permit, up to a maximum of 4 permits per premises free of charge. These permits are now issued electronically so you will not receive a paper permit but we will use your vehicle registration number to check if your car is parked legally.

A ‘business’ includes any organisation that does charity or community-based activities whether for profit or otherwise. Other sections of the community that need parking will be assessed on their eligibility for permits or vouchers on a case- by-case basis.

When you have a permit you can park in any place designated for permit use, or in any 'Permit Holders Past this Point' area.

Visitor vouchers: Saracens CPZ

Residents and businesses can to apply for up to 16 visitor vouchers each year free of charge.

Visitor vouchers can be used only once - you activate them by scratching off the relevant date and displaying it in the visitor's vehicle.

If you display a visitor voucher in your vehicle you can park legally in any parking place or area in the CPZ in which a permit holder can park.

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