Building control advice

Building Control Surveyor consultation

We provide a service that allows you to meet and discuss your proposals with a Building Control Surveyor.

The first hour’s consultation is free but there is a charge for each hour after that. Any charge would be off set against a subsequent application for that work.

If you wish to arrange an appointment please call 020 8359 4500.

Guides to renovating and extending your home

You can get information on home renovations in our Guide to Renovating Your Home

You can learn more about extensions using our Guide to Extending Your Home

Considerate Constructors

The Considerate Constructors Scheme is a not-for-profit organisation set up by the construction industry to improve its image and benefit the community.

Sites and companies that register with the Scheme are monitored against a five-point Code of Considerate Practice, designed to encourage performance beyond statutory requirements. Any work that could be construed by the general public as ‘construction’ can be registered with the Scheme.

The Code consists of the following five sections:

  • Enhancing the Appearance
  • Respecting the Community
  • Protecting the Environment
  • Securing everyone’s Safety
  • Caring for the Workforce

The Scheme is concerned about any construction activity that may have a direct or indirect impact on the image of the industry as a whole. These areas of interest fall into three main categories:

Neighbourhood and general public

Registered sites and companies should do all they can to reduce any negative impact on anyone affected by their work, and they should aim to leave a positive impression on their neighbours.


Registered sites and companies should do all they can to be a considerate employer. They should provide clean and appropriate facilities for those who work for them. Facilities should be comparable to those provided in any other working environment. Everyone working on site should be treated with respect.


Registered sites and companies should do all they can to reduce any negative effect they have on the environment. They should work in an environmentally-conscious and sustainable manner.

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