Extended construction site working hours due to COVID-19

Following Government advice to help achieve safe social-distancing developers can request to extend their construction site working hours.

We will usually approve any requests for extended hours up until 9 pm on Monday to Saturday. Unless there are very good reasons against this. We will consider extending working hours past 9 pm on Monday to Saturday where no-one lives near to the site.

Whilst making our decision we will consider if there will be any impact on nearby business or other users, such as care homes. Particularly where they are sensitive to noise, dust or vibration.

We will notify you about our decision within 10 days of your request, wherever possible.

These revised guidelines only relate to the Planning process. To follow Environmental Health noise abatement law, building contractors can apply for extended hours by emailing

Request extended hours

Requests should include:

  • any planning application reference number
  • an explanation of the need to extend the hours
  • a commitment to carry out any noisy works during "normal hours" wherever possible
  • confirmation that the works would be compliant with the “Considerate Constructors Scheme” <link>
  • details of points of contact for queries from local residents

You should try to avoid unreasonable impacts on very populated areas.

You should send your request to extend hours to

If we approve your request, you should notify nearby properties before you start work.