Litter and dog fouling

The frequency of litter picking or sweeping on the streets in Barnet depends on how busy the street is. Areas with higher footfall are visited more often.

Litter should be put in one of the 3000 plus litter bins in the borough or taken home. Litter should not be placed next to litter bins.

If there is an area that needs to be swept or litter picked on a street, you can report it. If the location is not due for a visit on our street cleaning schedule, we will aim to action your report in at least three working days. Depending on the issue, this may take longer.

Report dog fouling

Dog waste can be disposed of in all Barnet litter bins and not just in dog bins.

Always carry bags with you when you take your dog out so you can pick up any waste and dispose of it correctly.

You can report dog fouling on a street. Please provide as much information as you can to help us locate the issue. We will aim to action your report within three working days.

Litter or dog fouling on private land

Litter or dog waste on private land is the responsibility of the landowner or managing agent to arrange clearance. If it is on land managed by Barnet Homes, please report it to Barnet Homes.