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About Electoral Services

Electoral Services maintain the electoral register and ensure accuracy and completeness of the register throughout the year so that all residents eligible to do so are registered as electors and able to vote in forthcoming elections and referenda.

Since the change in law to an ‘Individual Electoral Register’ in June 2014, this involves a great many front-line customer interactions with Barnet’s 330,000 plus residents in order to encourage and advise them on registering as electors (Barnet has over 260,000 registered electors – the highest of any London Borough).

Electoral Services also manage elections and referenda on behalf of the Returning Officer (RO) who, in Barnet, is also the Chief Executive (as is the case with all London Boroughs). The Returning Officer is the person statutorily responsible to the law courts for delivering elections. In order to deliver elections, Electoral Services utilise approximately 1000 paid volunteers to deliver a range of activities and duties for the elections on behalf of the Returning Officer. The majority of these election volunteers are taken from existing staff of the council, Re, and Capita. If you wish to participate in forthcoming elections, look out for relevant communications from the team in the lead up to local and national elections.

Local elections:

  • Local elections are held every 4 years
  • Next local election will be in 2024

Greater London Assembly (GLA) elections

For the GLA elections, Barnet’s Chief Executive is called the Constituency Returning Officer (CRO) and is responsible for delivering the GLA elections for the Barnet and Camden London Assembly constituency. At the GLA elections, electors vote for: 1) The London Mayor, 2) the London-wide GLA Assembly Members and 3) their Constituency GLA Assembly Member.  The GLA elections are held every 4 years.  The next GLA elections will be on 6 May 2021.

Parliamentary elections (General Election)

At Parliamentary elections the Chief Executive becomes the (Acting) Returning Officer (A)RO, as the Mayor holds a Ceremonial ‘Returning Officer’ post which only allows him to publicly declare the results for Parliamentary elections.  The last Parliamentary Elections was on 12 December 2019.

European Parliamentary elections

At European Parliamentary elections the Chief Executive becomes the Local Returning Officer (LRO), as Barnet’s results are counted separately but only contribute to the London-wide results of the Regional Returning Officer - a position designated to an individual (usually an experienced Chief Executive from one of the London Boroughs) by the Cabinet Office.  The last European Parliamentary elections took place on 22 May 2019.

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