Speak at a planning meeting

Most planning applications are approved or declined by council officers who review written comments and summarise these within their report. Some applications will be discussed at a council planning committee; the council’s constitution allows for up to two speakers for each application to be heard by committee.

If the application is going to be reviewed by committee and you wish to be considered as a potential speaker,  you need to state this when making your comment on the application. This is done either by ticking the ‘request to speak’ box on the online comment system, or if you are providing at written response by post or email then please write ‘I request to speak at committee’ visibly at the top of your letter. 

If more than two people request to speak, then we expect them to agree among themselves who is best placed to speak. To arrange this, we provide the name and email address of everyone who has requested to speak on the item to each other. You will be asked to agree to this before we disclose your information. It is not possible for you to request to speak without agreeing to your name and email address being shared with other people who also want to speak on this application.

Members of the public who have requested to speak, will be advised of the date and time of the meeting. In the event of multiple requests to speak being made, their contact details will be shared with fellow interested parties so that potential speakers can agree what will be presented to committee and by whom.

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